Exterior Bi-Fold Walls

Hydraulic Bi FoldIt only takes the press of a button, to bring the outdoors in with the Crown, Inc. automated Hydraulic Bi-fold System bifolding doors. With this easy-to-operate system, you can quickly open your restaurant or bar to the pool area, create sky boxes, or just have a large, clear opening when needed. When in the up position, the folded door extends over the opening forming a small awning.

Crown provides the Only Hydraulically-Operated Bi-Fold System Available Today!

The patented SST-II Hydraulic Bi-Folding System opens vertically, allowing smooth, quiet access between environments with just the press of a button.

By incorporating the SST-II Bi-Folding door or window System, the barrier between interior and exterior vanishes and the ambience of the outdoors is allowed to flow in.

Design the SST-II into your interior spaces and watch walls disappear, allowing light and motion to easily move throughout.


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